What are Karatbars ?

Karatbars are about the size of a credit card. They come with the highest quality 24K, 999.9 gold, imbedded in a heat-sealed plastic card.  You can see the gold in the middle of the card to the right.They are available in a variety of designs.  You can purchase cards with 1, 2.5 or 5 grams of gold!

And, they’re affordable!

gdl Karatbars are produced by an LBMA (London Bullion Market Association) accredited refinery.
Karatbars are privately issued.  They are produced and minted by a private refinery exclusively for Karatbars International.Karatbars contain gold that is guaranteed the highest quality grade gold you can purchase.Karatbars gold is NON-seizable under the current International Bullion Laws and U.S. Law.

Karatbars are packaged and assembled under the strictest surveillance, and are unable to be counterfeited. The card itself is a globally recognized certificate guaranteeing that its contents are genuine.

Give the gift of gold!Karatbars make wonderful gifts!Karatbars International offers a variety of customized Karatbar cards, for example one style is a limited edition of Pope John Paul II.

When you purchase gold, you can choose the style of Karatbar card you would like!  Imagine giving gold as a gift for those special occassions!

Here are a few examples!

karatbarspopejohnpauliikaratbarslove karatbarsunitedstateskaratbarsthankyou karatbarschristmaskaratbarscongrats

Each Karatbar card contains the following information to prove its authenticity: