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Best track record Billionaire goes big into gold over dollar

Gold: Best performing asset in the Millenium

Gold: The Best Insurance Policy Ever Written – Zero Hedge
Get this hard asset now while it’s undervalued my friends. Hold your nose, dive in and simply consider it heavily discounted long term insurance, as you would any required insurance policy. After all, wouldn’t you buy the best long standing health insurance policy ever written, if […]

Texas wants its gold back inside the state’s borders – Yahoo News

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — Forget Fort Knox or the Federal Reserve. Texas has decided to start keeping its gold holdings within in its own borders. But what makes sense politically in such a sovereignty-loving place is creating a logistical conundrum. Texas is the only state that owns an actual stockpile of gold, according to public […]

57 countries to sign China-led Bank charter on Monday | The BRICS Post

The Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) is the first major global financial instrument independent from the Bretton Woods system. Currently all countries in the world except Iran, North Korea and Cuba have central banks controlled by this system that in-turn control all other government and private banks within their countries. The AIIB presents a new […]

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