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Get this hard asset now while it’s undervalued my friends. Hold your nose, dive in and simply consider it heavily discounted long term insurance, as you would any required insurance policy. After all, wouldn’t you buy the best long standing health insurance policy ever written, if it were offered at the same low price it was over 5 years ago? If that doesn’t convince the more ‘sophisticated’ modern investors to hold a nominal percentage of your financial assets in precious metals, strictly for wealth preservation purposes, perhaps the simple facts below will resonate with the sharp shooters.

What is it that people don’t understand about the New Monetized Millennium? The best performing asset class of this millennium is Gold, by a country mile.

2000-2016 Gold up 500% vs. 2000-2016 S&P up 50%… Near zero% interest rates / ZIRP / QE / NIRP, as far as the eye can see….This is why nearly all of the richest individuals in the world hold a percentage of their financial assets in precious metals for wealth protection, many times over 25% of their total assets, including the central banks of the wealthiest and most advanced nations on the globe.”

Gold is the world’s ultimate currency, store of value and wealth insurance policy in today’s uncertain financial world, and Karatbars gold is at the top of the list. Contact us how for a small amount you can exchange your current savings from unstable currencies into the world’s greatest asset today.

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